Services & Rates

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Everything at DELTADOG is done with transparency so you can trust everything behind the scenes.

Luxury Dog Boarding Rates:

The residential style suites create a peaceful, restful home environment for the dogs during their time away from their owners. In the suites, there are TVs for the dogs and Web cameras for their pet parents.

Luxury Suite 

$39 p/night

Standard Suite

$37 p/night 

Each Additional Guest overnight in suite 

$30 p/night

Additional Hotel Services:

  • Daycare for hotel guests: $12 p/day

  • Individual Playtime: $7 p/session

  • Extra snack treats: $4 p/treat

  • Exit Bath: $25

  • Sunday Pickup: $25 p/pet

  • Administration of medications: No Charge (if proportioned and labeled)

Dog Daycare Rates:

While at DELTADOG, pets have access to large indoor and outdoor play areas for group play and exercise. There is lots of time for play and activities outside, so the dogs are never cooped up.

1- Day Daycare

$23 p/day/ per dog

10-Day Daycare Package

$200 ($20 p/day/ per dog) 

20-Day Daycare Package

$390 ($19.50 p/day/ per dog) 

30-Day Daycare Package

$570 ($19 p/day/ per dog) 

**** Pick-up and Delivery is available

Dog Grooming and Spa Rates:

Let your favorite pup relax and be pampered. Every groomer is a professional, and knows exactly what to do to make your pup’s spa experience the best.


$15 per 10 min

Teeth Brushing


Bath & Brush, Ears, Nails & Dry

$30 - $50 (based on size and coat condition)

Flea Treatment